Foam roofs have gotten a bad rap through the years because of low-quality materials, poor installation, and contractors who cut corners. But Fiddler Roofing is changing the perception of New Mexico foam roofs.

The good news is that foam roofs can be restored and will provide a very trustworthy roofing system. Using Thermography (infrared scoping) and moisture meters, we are able to determine if there are any areas of the roof that have been saturated with water. Those areas are then removed and restored.

Don’t let just anyone re-coat your roof thinking the problems have been solved. They are actually sealing in the moisture causing serious damage.

Fiddler Roofing uses only the best-closed cell foam roofing materials for a durable roof that will not absorb water or quickly degrade in the harsh New Mexico sun. The dry roof then has a liquid applied high solids membrane installed to complete the restoration giving you a very high tech, secure roofing system.  Call us today to discover more about our foam roof process and our best roof warranty.