hail on a roof, maybe need a roof insurance claim from hail damage.

Will my Insurance Go Up if I Make a Hail Damage Claim on my Roof?

The weather is constantly changing with wind, rain, snow, and even hail causing damage to your roof. Most homeowners think they will be penalized for making an insurance claim for their hail damaged roof, but that isn’t the case with weather related roof repairs.

This differs from a vehicle accident because one cannot pick his/her house up and move/rearrange it, preventing it from being hit by hail or hurricane-force winds. Some insurance companies reward homeowners for not having a claim during a certain period.

A home that has guttering made of aluminum can really get beat up during a hail storm. Guttering is most often replaced after being hit by large hailstones. Most insurance companies pay for this guttering because they have surface damage. It is included in the hail damage roof insurance claim.

Possible damage can also occur to window screens and exterior paint. If one is surveying property after a hailstorm and see a lot of damage at ground level, one can also probably assume roof damage.

A hailstorm will probably not increase your individual premium when filing a claim. However, if you live in an area that has had a hailstorm and other people are filing claims, you are probably looking at an increase in premiums.

Remember that your roof system is designed to shed water toward the eaves of the roof and fall into a gutter or to the ground. Damage occurs when the roofs shedding capabilities are limited so that the roof system is not able to work as it was designed. The life expectancy of a roof also figures into the equation. If the roof has a loss of life expectancy, then its primary function has been damaged.

If a claim is filed, most insurance companies will not punish you. Some states, Texas included, do not allow insurers to raise premiums after only one claim. This behooves one to know his or her state laws regarding such claims. Just remember that since the damage is not caused by your negligence, your insurance carrier will probably not hike your rate.

If you were one of the many subjected to the severe hail storms Albuquerque, NM gets in the spring, let us make your life way easier dealing with insurance.