storm damage emergency roof repair is needed

What’s Considered an Emergency Roof Repair?

Emergency roof repairs can sneak up on you and often go unnoticed for too long. When you do come across a roofing problem it is important to act fast in getting a roofer to repair or replace your roof. The most common question is which roof problems are considered to be an emergency?

1. Your Roof Has Experienced Impact

When a storm occurs, your roof can be struck by lightning, hail, or fallen trees and other fallen objects. If something hard does happen to hit your roof, you should check this out right away, since there can be a chance that the surface was pierced or damaged. If it is, this can prevent your roof from protecting your home from leaks and other damage.

2. Your Shingles Have Been Torn Off

Extremely windy days are inevitable and can happen in any climate. Very damaging gusts of wind are pretty rare, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever happen during the lifespan of your roof. When they do, there’s a big chance they might tear off a few of your shingles. This is the time for an inspection.

3. Snow and Ice Have Been Heavy

When snow and ice begin to build up under the shingles, especially loose shingles, this can cause serious leaking once the ice begins to melt after it settles underneath the surface. Make sure that during the winter you check for signs of leaking. Once you see evidence of leaking, you will want this taken care of right away, since leakages often lead to mold growth and maggot growth.

4. Animals Have Destroyed Your Roof

This is also another inevitable situation that is the proper cause for an emergency appointment. Small, fragile animals like birds or woodpeckers are simply not physically capable of causing serious damage to your roof. However, squirrels, raccoons, and some variations of rats and mice might be a problem. Chewing on the materials and digging around on the roof can create holes and make for costly repairs. The second you hear scratching or ruffling sounds on the roof, check it out and then call a professional for an emergency roof repair.

Beyond the emergency repairs, make sure you keep an eye out on your roof for these early signs it needs to be replaced.