Will It Cost More to Fix a Steeply Pitched Roof?

If you steeply pitched roof needs repairs or a replacement you may be wondering what the price is going to look like. It is hard to give an estimate without inspecting the roof first. Any repair is possible but the price is not always standard for highly pitched roofs.

Roofing Costs: Not a Black-And-White Issue

As a preliminary matter, it makes sense to consider some of the key factors involved in roofing prices. Many elements potentially enter into roofing prices, including the causes and extent of roof damage, the size of the roof, and the types of repair materials. These considerations make simplistic answers to roofing repair cost questions impossible.

For example, it may prove less expensive to re-attach a few missing asphalt shingles on a single story steeply pitched residential roof than to undertake extensive repairs involving a badly damaged, large (yet gently inclined) commercial metal roof located five stories above ground. Comparing roofing expenses between these two structures involves a careful consideration of many variables in addition to those mentioned above. Additional points to consider include the size of the repair crew, the wholesale cost of the repair materials, the location of the property, the tools and safety equipment required, the project timetable, and the experience of the roofing firm. Analyzing repair costs for a pitched roof sometimes involves “gray” areas.

All Things Being Equal

Nevertheless, assuming all other variables except the pitch of the roof remain identical, in general, most roofing companies do tend to charge significantly more money to fix steeply graded roofs. When roofers can safely stroll across a rooftop, they describe the surface as “walkable”. This term applies to roofs classified as 8/12 or less (referring to an 8-inch elevation per horizontal foot). Some pitched roofs achieve slopes of 20/12 or higher. Owners of these structures should budget more for roof repair services.

Steeply Pitched Roofs

What accounts for this difference? First, consider the challenges of reaching the worksite. A steep gradient requires roofing technicians to reach a higher elevation to undertake repairs. Second, customers also need to appreciate the training required to work safely on steeply graded surfaces. Most novice roofers lack the expertise required to tackle this type of challenging project. Workers must use safety equipment to avoid slipping or accidentally dropping materials from steeply pitched surfaces. Third, steeply graded roofs also require the use of a greater quantity of roofing shingles due to the steeper slope. Additionally, roofers frequently need to employ additional measures to securely affix roofing shingles to steeply graded sections of a roof. This fact, in turn, increases the roofing company’s costs. (1)

The Bottom Line

Consumers can obtain a fairly accurate estimate of roofing repair costs by taking two steps. First, measure the roof’s pitch. A gradient above 8/12 will typically result in steeper repair prices (no pun intended). Second, check the local cost of living index. In some locations, home improvements command higher prices.

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