According to the 2009 New Mexico Administrative Code, ( Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies: E. Section R907.3 (4))  Where pumice or other granular fill are present, existing roofing and granular fill must be removed prior to re-roofing.

We wholeheartedly agree with this. Pumice roofs can be catastrophic for the integrity of your home. A major disadvantage of pumice is that it can actually hold moisture. Having a wet flat roof is no bueno. The moisture can transfer to the structure of the home and begin to rot out roof decking and ceiling joists.

If the pumice roof retains moisture the weight of the roof is likely too much for the structure. In many cases old pumice roofs have been covered by later roofs, which all together could be quite thick. If the later roofs leak, they could actually trap in moisture, too. This, and the sheer weight of the roof, can cause the joists to sag, causing further problems.

Current code allows for only two layers of roof.

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