Fiddler roofing offers infrared roof inspections across New Mexico. Each of our inspectors is certified through the Infrared Training Center, specializing in state of the art Flir & Fluke Imagers, are seasoned in detecting moisture in roofing systems, as well as in home & facility inspections.

Infrared Thermography Surveys are a nondestructive technique used to detect moisture in a roof’s substrate, and surveys always comply with ASTM C1153- Standard Practice for Location of Wet Insulation in Roofing Systems Using Infrared Imaging.

Thermography surveys provide valuable insights to building managers and homeowners by identifying moisture trapped within their roof’s insulation. Having this information allows our clients to make informed decisions when it comes to maintaining their roof’s structure.

Knowing how much moisture is contained within a roof’s substrate helps determine the magnitude of the damage. Traditionally, if more than 20% of the roof contains moisture, experts recommend tearing off the roof down to the original decking and replacing the whole roof. If less than 20% is saturated, it is recommended to replace only the damaged areas, and invest in a new roof coating to prolong the roof’s life. Silicone is the only product and roof restoration system Fiddler Roofing trusts, practices and warranties. Our research shows silicone is the most cost-effective and reliable

What kind of roofs need thermal surveys?

  • Polyurethane Closed Cell Foam and some TPO substrates

What kind of roofs do not need thermal surveys?

  • Tar & Gravel
  • Rolled
  • Metal

What are other practical uses for Infrared Thermography?

Infrared surveys of homes or structures can reveal structural anomalies in a non-invasive or destructive process. Common issues such as insulation deficiencies, identifying cooling or heat loss, furnace tubes and burners effectiveness, loose tiles, solar cell connection issues, blockages, corrosion or degradation in piping systems, connection issues in cables, panels, transformers, breakers, or fuses among many more preemptive maintenance inspections.