Close up of metal roof tile - something Fiddler Roofing can fix in New Mexico

Are Metal Roofs Energy Efficient?

When thinking about a new roof construction or a roof replacement, many see asphalt shingles as the best, or only, option. This assumption is false. There are actually many different options Fiddler Roofing provides when it comes to replacing or building a new roof.

In fact, we’d like to help you make an educated decision when it comes to choosing your type of roof. Asphalt holds heat, deteriorate, support unhealthy growths like moss and lichens, and cost more to keep your home comfortable in the summer. While there are lots of options out there, one of the least utilized is metal.

Many people tend to think of the old-fashioned, corrugated tin roofs that were once popular on sheds when they think of metal roofing. Ugly, noisy, and not very energy efficient. There is a whole new world of metal roofing on the market today. Made from steel, copper, aluminum, or stainless steel they are durable and beautiful.

How are metal roofs energy efficient?

The extra reflective coating on the surface reflects heat keeping your home cooler. A metal roof can save on average up to 40% over the cost of asphalt shingles.

Metal roofing comes in many beautiful colors and is extremely weather resistant. They will never deteriorate and fill up the landfill when replaced. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable if the need to replace them should ever arise. The average metal roof lasts about 50 years, so the need for replacement is slim. Metal roofs contain 25% or more recycled material, making them good for the environment from the beginning. Because they absorb less heat than traditional roofs, they make only a small impact on urban air temperatures.

There are many types of roofs to choose from. There is traditional asphalt shingles, wood shingles, terra cotta, and metal. Where you live will probably influence what kind of roof you consider. Remember, how they look is only part of the equation, how they function is also important. A roof is a major investment. You will want a roof that will last for many years, protect your home from the elements, and save you money. If you ever wondered are metal roofs energy efficient? You will be glad to know they are extremely energy efficient, beautiful, and environmentally friendly.