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What is a roof certification and how does it help sell your house?

Fiddler Roofing is a Licensed Roofing Contractor and we can provide you a roof certification with our inspection of the home’s roofing system. This document confirms that the roof has been inspected and, if necessary, repaired. This is useful for both homeowner insurance and mortgage insurance purposes.

The cost of the certification is worth it for sellers who want to reassure buyers that the roof will remain in good condition for the near future. This can be especially important to help buyers feel more comfortable with purchasing a home with an older roof.

It’s a good idea to get the roof inspection and certification before you list your home. If a buyer believes that the roof will need expensive repairs, then they will most likely ask for a price reduction due to the potential roof costs. You may want to make any necessary repairs that are noted in the inspection certificate before putting your house on the market.

Knowing the value and health of the roof is extremely useful for both the seller and buyer when entering purchase negotiations. Paying for both a home and a roof inspection is a relatively small cost compared to roof repair costs if you find out later that there is something wrong with the roof. 

With the roof certification, we provide an estimate for the owner of the house. The cost of a certification report runs roughly around $200-250 depending on the roof size and location. The seller can include this certificate in the portfolio for sale, and can note the roof’s transferable warranty for any work done by Fiddler Roofing on this roof.

What can you expect to receive from our Roof Certification?

Our roofing certificate will report at the very least the following details:

  • Thermographics evaluation
  • Any movement of the roof or roofing materials
  • The condition of the roof and its parts, be they asphalt shingles or foam and silicone membrane. For flat roofs, how many layers and what type
  • The condition of the flashing around roof vents, antennas, pipes, valleys, chimneys and HVAC mountings
  • The condition of roof ridges, metal drip edges, and roof caps for ventilation
  • Note the performance of canales, drains, gutters and downspouts
  • Estimate the lifespan left on the roof
  • Note whether any repairs are required and specify them
  • Determine whether the existing manufacturer’s warranty is valid and transferable to a new buyer
  • Verify that any roof maintenance and repairs were done in accordance with the terms of the workmanship and materials warranty, so that a potential buyer is covered

The roof certification document details the roof’s condition and lifespan. It is typically valid for two to five years after the date of inspection. It provides you peace of mind to know the health of the roof, one of the most expensive components of a home, before selling or buying your home.

A roof certification provides you peace of mind

Buying a home with a roof certification provides assurance that the roof is in good condition. If you’re selling your home, a roof certification demonstrates to buyers that the roof is in good condition and won’t need to replace it soon.

For buyers, the roof certification reduces the likelihood that they will have to replace the roof, a significant investment. Buyers can make a Roof Certification provided as part of the purchase contract. If you are the seller, it makes sense to get a roof certification in advance if you’re planning to list your home on the market. 

Licensed and Bonded Fiddler Roofing’s Roof Certification certifies that the roof has no defects and that under normal conditions, your roof should not need repairing or replacing for the period stated in the roof certificate.

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